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Terms and conditions of travel reservations, carriage of passengers and luggage

  1. General provisions

1.1. These Travel Reservation, Passenger and Baggage Carriage Conditions and Rules (hereinafter – the Rules) establish the conditions for booking travel reservations, which are made on the website https://kaunas-vilniausorouostas.lt, passenger carriage rules, define the rights, duties and responsibilities of passengers and carriers while traveling on Express buses.

  1. Definitions

2.1. Travel reservation / Passenger Carriage contract – an electronic request of the Passenger and an electronic confirmation of the Carrier, which entitles the Passenger to use the services provided by the Carrier for the route and trip specified in the confirmation under the conditions specified in these Rules.

2.2. Passenger – a natural person who has submitted a travel reservation on the website https://kaunas-vilniausorouostas.lt and is transported in accordance with the passenger carriage contract.

2.3. Carrier – UAB Minibus Airport Express, No. 305237006, registered office – Nemylo g. 8, Jucaičių k., LT-75115 Šilalės r..

2.4. Baggage – the Passenger’s personal property and items carried under the Passenger Carriage Contract.

2.5. Pick-up from the home – a service provided by the Carrier for boarding a Passenger to a bus at a place other than that indicated on the website, which the Passenger may book when booking the trip.

2.6. Boarding place – boarding places indicated on the website or individually agreed place when ordering a pick-up service.

  1. Travel reservation.

3.1. The Carrier reserves travel places for the trips specified on the website https://kaunas-vilniausorouostas.lt.

3.2. Reservations for the Carrier’s trips are available on the website https://kaunas-vilniausorouostas.lt.

3.3. By booking a trip, the Passenger confirms that he / she agrees with these Rules and undertakes to comply with them.

3.4. When booking a trip, the Passenger must fill in all the fields of the reservation form correctly. By providing his / her data and contact information, the Passenger is responsible for the accuracy of this information.

3.5. The Contract of Carriage between the Passenger and the Carrier shall be deemed concluded from the moment when:

3.5.1. The passenger confirms the travel reservation and reads these Rules by clicking the “Send” button, and

3.5.2. receives by e-mail from the Carrier’s confirmation letter regarding the confirmation of his / her travel reservation.

3.6. The electronic travel reservation is valid only for the trip and the date specified therein.

  1. Changing the travel reservation.

4.1. The Carrier, baggage or voyage data specified in the electronic travel reservation may be changed only by the Carrier upon receipt of the Passenger’s written notice of the error or coordination of the changes provided for in Clause 4.2 of these Rules.

4.2. After submitting the travel reservation, the Passenger may apply to the Carrier in writing for a change in the date and time of the trip. The travel date and departure time can be changed at least 24 hours before departure and if there are vacancies on the newly selected trip.

  1. Passenger boarding.

5.1. The pick-up service is provided in Klaipėda from Jūrininkų Avenue to Kalotė, on the streets, from Minijos Street to Palanga / Šilutė Highway, where regular passenger traffic takes place.

5.2. The passenger must be accessible by phone from the moment of travel reservation until boarding the bus.

5.3. The Driver shall contact each Passenger by telephone before the start of the journey and, after agreeing on the place of embarkation, indicate the time of arrival of the bus at the selected location. Passengers who have booked a trip for morning or night trips are contacted by the driver by phone no later than in the evening, and with those who have booked a trip for day trips – from 8 am. to 12 p.m. The passenger must follow the driver’s instructions regarding the place and time of boarding.

5.4. Upon arrival at the agreed boarding point, the bus waits for the Passenger for no longer than 5 minutes.

5.5. If the Passenger does not arrive at the time specified for him and does not answer the driver’s call, after the expiry of the waiting time specified in 5.5. point, the journey continues without the Passenger.

  1. Baggage.

6.1. A passenger is allowed to take one piece of hand luggage with a weight not exceeding 5 kg and dimensions not exceeding 45 × 35 × 20 cm (length – width – height) into the cabin of the bus.

6.2. Luggage and other items are allowed in the cabin as long as they do not restrict the driver’s visibility and cannot damage or contaminate the car’s equipment, seats and upholstery.

6.3. The Passenger is responsible for hand luggage in the bus cabin. The carrier does not guarantee and is not responsible for items or luggage forgotten on the bus.

6.4. In addition to hand luggage, the Passenger is allowed to carry one piece of luggage (for example, a travel bag or suitcase) weighing not more than 30 kg and not exceeding 70 × 30 × 55 cm (length – width – height) in the luggage compartment of the bus. The luggage is placed in the luggage compartment and it is later issued to the Passenger only by the bus driver.

6.5. Passengers are prohibited from transporting psychotropic, radioactive, flammable, explosive, stinking, pity substances, compressed or liquefied gas, spikes, cutting objects, objects that may smear on the bus upholstery or passenger clothing, objects whose import or export is Latvian legislation.

6.6. The Carrier shall not be liable for fragile or fragile, fragile and other vulnerable objects. When preparing to carry such items, the Passenger must keep in mind that the luggage is loaded in several layers in the luggage compartment of the bus, loading one luggage on top of another. The passenger is responsible for ensuring that the packaging of his luggage complies with the safe conditions for such transport in the luggage compartment of the bus.

  1. Passenger rights and obligations.

7.1. The passenger has the right to:

7.1.1. to receive the transportation service for which he has paid, if he complies with the requirements of these Rules.

7.1.2. to transport luggage in accordance with the procedure established by the Carrier;

7.1.3. to agree with the Carrier on a place of embarkation other than that provided for in the travel reservation;

7.1.4. change the date and time of departure 4.2. in accordance with the procedure set out in

7.2. The passenger must:

7.2.1. to cancel your travel reservation, inform the carrier in advance.

7.2.2. to read the Rules carefully and follow them when making a travel reservation;

7.2.3. correctly indicate all data requested when making an electronic travel reservation;

7.2.4. immediately inform the Carrier about any errors observed in the travel reservation;

7.2.5. arrive at the boarding point specified in the travel reservation or supplementary agreed 10 minutes in advance the time set by the Carrier;

7.2.6. present an identity document to the driver when boarding the bus;

7.2.7. ensure that hand luggage or other items carried by him do not endanger or disturb other passengers;

7.2.8. be seated on the bus fitted with seat belts throughout the journey;

7.2.9. not endanger yourself, other passengers and the driver;

7.2.10. do not bring psychotropic substances (in hand luggage or otherwise) into the bus cabin during the trip, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not consume psychotropic substances, do not smoke in the bus cabin, do not block the passage of the bus, do not make noise, do not use tape recorders, radios, musical and other instruments, not to interfere with the driver ‘s work or cause inconvenience to other passengers.

  1. Rights and obligations of the carrier.

8.1. The Carrier has the right not to accept or disembark the Passenger at the nearest stop of any type and not to refund the money for the trip if the Passenger:

8.1.1. is intoxicated or behaves inappropriately;

8.1.2. endangers or disturbs other bus passengers and the driver by their aggressive behavior;

8.1.3. the passenger is carrying prohibited luggage.

8.2. The bus driver has the right not to get on the bus or to get drunk / intoxicated and disturb passengers. This event is recorded by drawing up a passenger disembarkation report, which is signed by the bus driver and witnesses.

8.3. The carrier reserves the right to make changes to bus schedules, price lists and these rules of passenger transportation. If the Passenger has a travel reservation for a trip that is canceled or the schedule of which has been changed, the Carrier shall refund the money for the trip or offer the possibility to travel at another time most convenient for the Passenger.

8.4. The carrier has the right to apply discounts on established rates at its own discretion.

8.5. The carrier must:

8.5.1. to create conditions for the Passenger to use the website properly;

8.5.2. to provide the Passenger with an electronic reservation confirmation and to enter the Passenger’s data in the list of bus passengers after the Passenger has duly performed the electronic travel reservation procedure;

8.5.3. ensure safe transport of passengers and luggage;

8.5.4. to have all the necessary documents during the trip and to present them at the request of the control officer;

8.5.5. if the bus breaks down during the journey and it is no longer possible to continue the journey, the Carrier must ensure the possibility to continue the journey from the location of the idle vehicle to another vehicle or transport passengers from the idle vehicle to a suitable waiting area or station.

  1. Liability.

9.1. The passenger is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided when submitting the electronic travel reservation. If the Passenger does not provide accurate data to the Carrier, the Carrier shall not be liable for the consequences thereof.

9.2. The Carrier is not responsible for the delay and delay of the bus if the delay is due to reasons beyond the Carrier’s control (including, but not limited to: adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, road repairs, activities of state bodies, etc.), as well as the passenger activities that prevent the Carrier from performing its work, as well as for other reasons which the Carrier, despite its efforts, could not have foreseen and avoided.

9.3. The Carrier is not liable for the losses incurred by the Passenger due to the fact that the bus did not arrive at the destination on time due to 9.2. for the reasons set out in point

9.4. The Carrier is not responsible for the contents of the luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus and for the preservation of this contents, as well as for the valuables in the Passenger’s luggage (eg in a travel bag or suitcase) (jewelry, photo and video equipment, money, bank checks, securities, fragile items). etc.) security.

9.5. The passenger is responsible for storing hand luggage in the bus cabin. The carrier is only responsible for luggage carried in the trunk of the bus.

9.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party in accordance with the procedure established by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. Final provisions.

10.1. The Law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to these Rules.

10.2. Claims are only accepted in writing.

10.3. All disagreements arising from the implementation of these Rules shall be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Passengers’ complaints and claims regarding the travel are accepted within 14 days after the trip. Complaints and claims are accepted only in writing to the address: UAB Minibus Airport Express, Nemylo g. 8, Jucaičių k., LT-75115 Šilalės r. or e-mail: info@keliautiliux.lt. The complaint must be investigated within 30 days of receipt.